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Zombbit (2013)

Also known around the warehouse as "The Hopping Dead", it is unclear about the origins of the Zombbit outbreak, but a whole town of bunnies seem to be infected with the virus.  A bite from a Living Dead Bunny, and you too will be infected.

Many Zombbit products have "Gaji Gaji" written on them.  This translates into the growling gnawing sound both zombie humans and zombie rabbits make.  Some products also have "Noro Noro" written on them.  This translates into "Inching Along Slowly", which is just part of the Zombbit lifestyle.

Characters in this funny set include:

Nonbi - "Slow Zombie"  Nonbi was Slow, Awkward, and Not playing with a full deck before he became infected, so when Nonbi became a Zombbit, there wasn't any change in him at all so other Zombbits chase him and bite him because they don't think he has been infected.  His ears seem to be missing, but no one can remember if they were bitten off during the Zombbit Apocalypse or if he was born without ears.

Somii - A small electric pink "Nervous" rabbit that is Nonbi's sidekick and always near him.

Joshii - Is a schoolmate of Nonbi's and is indeed infected with the Zombbit virus, but because she wears so much makeup, you can't tell she has been bitten.  She has become very bad at putting on lipstick.  It gets all over her teeth.

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