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San-X Sumikko Gurashi Corner Buddies - Yummy Sushi Series Collection (2015)

This series is brought to us by San-X and was released in 2015. It's all your favorite Corner Buddies (Sumikko Gurashi) Eating, and sometimes being eaten at a wonderful traditional Sushi Restaurant.  Yummylicious for sure. The following characters are included.

Shiro Kuma - This adorable White Polar Bear left his cold corner of the north along with his luggage wrapped in a pink polka dotted Furoshiki.  He is most comfortable sitting in the corner drinking hot tea.

Tonkatsu - Is 1% Meat and 99% Attitude. He is mostly Oily, Greasy Breading that typically gets pushed to the corner of your plate.

Neko - is a shy cat who loves to go to the corner and claw the walls.  It makes her feel very safe.

Penguin? - From the farthest corner of the South Pole, this Penguin with low self-esteem tries to disguise himself as the more acceptable Kappa (Water Spirit from Japanese Folklore). Kappa are usually seen as mischievous troublemakers.

Tapioca - Found in the corner of your cup when you are finished with your bubble tea.

Zasou (Mr. Weed) - Mr. Weed was cut from a flower arrangement by the florist and thrown into the corner.  Mr. Weed goes to bed each night and dreams of waking up as a beautiful bouquet.  However unlikely, his dream will never die.

Hokori (Dust) - You know dust.  He is found in the Corner and Under the Couch.

Nisetsumuri - Is a slug who tries to disguise himself as a Snail, which we all know is a step in the right direction.

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