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TokiDoki (2005-Present)

Tokidoki, which translates as "Sometimes" in Japanese is a Creative Pop Culture Art Brand founded in 2005 by Italian Artist Simone Legno.  At Fantastic Spaceship, we carry Vinyl Toys, Plushies, Mugs, and More.

Characters Include:

  • The Cactus Friends include Sandy, Sabochan, Bastardino, Polpettina, Bruttino, Carina,the Cactus Pups Series, the Cactus Kittens series, Truffle the bunny, and the new pig Porcino
  • The Moofia (a play on the Mafia) includes Mozzarella, Bulleto, Leche, Latte, Latte Strawberry, Mou Mou, Soy, Choco, Miruku, Bibekun, Low milk,Rice Milk and the Bulletos. They are available in both Plushies and Vinyls.
  • Til Death Do Us Part include The Grim Reaper named Adios, his girlfriend Ciao Ciao, their French friend Adieu and the cats Skeletrino & Skeletrina.
  • Cocommando includes Captain Coco, Cocotrina and Grenadina Captain Coco is a monkey who formed the Cocommando to patrol the jungle. Cocotrina & Grenadina are the 2 friends Captain Coco teamed up with.
  • Donutella includes Dountella and twelve other donut and danish inspired characters.
  • Wild Boys is a group of 4 colored tigers each with their own Personalities and Lifestyle traits.
  • Unicorno includes Stellina, Bellina, Dolce, Metallo, Mooka, Peperino, Pogo, Ritmo, Prima Donna, Fumo and quite a few others. The Popular Unocorno Blindboxes are now on Series 4.
  • The Royal Pride Lion Pappa's Gang of twelve not so tough gang characters.
  • Punk Star includes Charley, Rocco, Maxx, Roxie, Damien, Rudy, Sid, Thunder, Kingston, and many more.

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