Fantastic Spaceship

San-X Sentimental Circus Character (2010-Present)

When all the inhabitants of the town fall asleep, The neglected toys in the town awaken and perform the Sentimental Circus.

A few of the Circus Characters include:

Shappo the Rabbit - Shappo is the ring leader.  He often wears a small top hat filled with magic tools and props.  He is a very lively Master of Ceremony, dressy snappy, and, like Elvis, he has a love of capes.  As long as Shappo is present, he will make sure the curtain will always go up somewhere again.

Toto the Dog - Toto is Shappo's right hand companion and is an excellent Juggler.

Mouton the Elephant - Enjoys doing tricks for the Sentimental Circus like balancing balls on his nose.

Kuro the Cat - Kuro balances on the spinning Globe

Mr. Bear - Riding his bicycle is his specialty, especially across a tightrope.

Rio the Lion - Rio loves Jumping thru Hoops.

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