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San-X Rilakkuma - I Love Gyu Series Collection (2011)

The "I Love Gyu" Rilakkuma Series was released by San-X in 2011.  I Love Gyu translates into "Squeeze or Embrace", so we see tons of poor Kiiroitori (Yellow Birdie) getting Squeezed and Hugged from Relax Bear and Especially Korilakkuma (Little Bear).  This series has Cute Sayings written all over their products, like; "I Love Senbei" (Rice Crackers). "I Love Omocha" (Toy). "I Love Gohan" (Cooked Rice). "I Love Dango" (Sweet Dumplings). "I Love Rakugaki" (Graffiti or Doodling). "I Love Kiiroitori" (Yellow Birdie). "I Love Gyu" (Squeeze), and "I Love Smile" which then features the characters smiling like they are about to get their photo taken.  So funny.

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