Fantastic Spaceship

Rilakkuma (2003-Present)

"Strawberries & Paris (2014)"

Rilakkuma's name translates from Japanese to English as Relax Bear.  Relax Bear is very easy going and enjoys Relaxing and is at times considered Lazy.  

Also part of the Rilakkuma line of characters is his good friend Korilakkuma.  The term "Ko" means small or child in Japanese, meaning that Korilakkuma is a smaller version of Rilakkuma.  Another distinction between the two is that Rilakkuma is brown and Korilakkuma is white with a distinctive red button on her chest.  While Rilakkuma is Care-free, Korilakkuma is very mischievous.

The other main character of the group is Kiiroitori, which translates to "Yellow Bird" in Japanese. He is a canary who once lived in a birdcage, but now comes out when he feels like scolding Rilakkuma for being too lazy and Korilakkuma for being too mischievous.  He considers himself as being more logical and is a much harder worker than Rilakkuma.  He saves the money he finds while cleaning.


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