Fantastic Spaceship

Nyanpuku (2012)

Nyanpuku is a Good-Fortune Lucky Calico Cat God who is both Chubby and Happy.  He lives to give happiness to others as it is his job to bestow Good Luck upon Everyone who meets him.  His love for others is confirmed by the heart shaped mark on his back.

Other Characters Include:

Motepuku - A very Popular Orange Tabby that has the Power to heal others.  He is also the one you go to if you wish to become famous.

Koipuku - This Lavender colored version of Nyanpuku is the Goddess of Love.  She carries the Language of Love in her wings.

Kinpuku - This little yellow cat is the God of Lucky Money.  He gives out "Fukudama" (Gifts filled with Gold).

Basutepu - Modeled after the Beautiful Egyptian Cats seen at the Ancient Pyramids.  He speaks the ancient language and is a very Gentle God.  He rescues cats who have lost their way and as a side note, he appears to love playing the maracas.

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