Fantastic Spaceship

Mofutans (2014-Present)

Mofutans are a family of super fluffy and extremely stretchy rabbits.  They are elastic and sticky like Japanese Mochi.  When Mofutans touch each other, they stick together.  This happens quite often because they like to play and bite each other, often kneading each others fur, like dough.

Characters Include:

Mofutans - The Floppy Eared White Rabbit who is the main character.  His ears are so stretchy, sometimes his friends accidentally pull one off his head.

Tamotan - This Gray Rabbit is Mofutans closest friend.  Many times he can be seen play-biting his friend Mofutans.

Potechi - Potechi is the color of a potato.  He is both popular and mischievous.  He is the Mofutans Family Class Clown.

Chamu Chamu - Is sort of chubby, very friendly and has big gray ears.  He is so furry, he cant see his feet.

Norimaki - Is a White Bunny with Dark Gray Ears and Eyes, giving the appearance that he is wearing a mask.  He also sleeps very much.

Angorajisan - He is an Old, Wise, Beautiful White Angora Rabbit.  He holds the most respect among the Mofutan Family.

Ikimonogakari - Is a Very Tiny Pink Rabbit.  He knows he is very special and makes friends easily. 

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