Fantastic Spaceship

Kireizukin Seikatsu (2007-2009)

Kireizukin Seikatsu, which translates into Cleaning Raccoon is named Mar and is lazy and hasn't any initiative to get going.  But when Mar puts on his Red Babushka, he becomes  "Kireizukin", a cleaning frenzy force. Along with the guidance from his Mole Teacher, Mogura Sensei.  Mogura Sensei is a cleaning craftsman, a true master of the art of tidying up.  He is a great teacher, but don't get him angry.  He will go nuts.

Hokori (Dust Friends) - They are really good friends with Mar, until Mar puts on the Babushka, then they take off for higher ground.

Mizuirozukin is Mar with a light-blue Babushka.  His Specialty is Scrubbing.

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