Fantastic Spaceship

San-X Sentimental Circus - Alice & The Pirates Series Collection (2013)

Inspired by the Lolita Fashion Design by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, This Beautiful and Regal Sentimental Circus Series was Released by San-X in 2013.  Shappo is the Star here although there is certainly enough Mouton, Mr. Bear, Rio and Kiro included as well., This Super Kawaii Series and its Regal Inspired Striped Motif and Bold Classic Colorful Accoutrements and Detail make this a truly Outstanding and Popular Series.  Just about everything you need is included in Alice & The Pirates Series. Small Memos, Tote Bags, Single Pocket and Multi-Pocket Folders, Drawstring Pouches, Letter Sets, Large Memos, Mechanical Pencils, #2 Wooden Pencils, Sticker Sheets, Flake Sticker Packs and Pencil Cases.

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