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Kawaii (The Japanese word for cute) can be traced to nearly every part of the world and has been part of those cultures for hundreds of years.

Japan has embraced this philosophy and has developed its own signature brand of cuteness which has now become an important Japanese aesthetic. 

It is a Cuteness Lifestyle.  Kawaii defines Japanese Culture.

We here at embrace the Kawaii Life and wish to honor and showcase the Beautiful country of Japan and its customs.

What We Have:

  • Thousands of Cute Stickers, Notebooks, Letter Sets, Plushies and more from Japan and surrounding areas.
  • Hundreds of different Japanese Puzzle Erasers, many of which are discontinued.
  • Highly Collectible Vinyl Toys from KidRobot, TokiDoki and many other creative designers.
  • DIY Food Making kits and all your favorite snacks including Pocky.
  • Awesome Pop Culture T-shirts and hoodies.
  • Steampunk inspired items and clothing. Party like it's 1899. Sort of.
  • Get your Nerd on. We have thousands of comics in stock,

What We Do:

  • Gift Registry for all occasions.
  • Make a Wishlist. Print it out or email it to you Aunt.
  • Join our Birthday Club and receive a present mailed to your house to celebrate the occasion you put your mother in so much pain.
  • Super Fantastic Loyalty Program.  Earn points from Purchases and Social Media. Use points to earn free stuff.
  • Wanna chat cute?  We're here 24/7.
  • Product Ratings and Reviews.
  • Contests, Games, and Prizes.
  • A truly interactive customer experience.